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Do you also get frustrated by business partners who have no clue about the contract you have drafted?

Consequences of (lack of) contract knowledge that can arise are:
  1. Agreements are not fulfilled. When the content of the contract is not well understood, it is possible that the parties unintentionally do the wrong things or fail to take the appropriate actions. This can lead to delays, additional costs, and other problems that could have been prevented if more attention had been paid to understanding the contract.

  2. The emergence of unnecessary problems. Because the relevant party does things differently than described in the contract, unnecessary problems such as delays, fines, or even legal procedures may arise.

  3. Lack of trust. When you work with a business partner who does not know the contract, it can damage your trust. You start to doubt the quality and reliability of the partner.

In short, little contract knowledge has consequences for the cooperation between parties. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that all parties fully understand what is stated in the contract before signing it. By taking the time to understand the agreements and asking questions if something is not clear, this can prevent many frustrations and increase the likelihood of a successful collaboration.