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Is it usually easy to understand your texts; to understand how something happens or works? Because this is the definition of ‘understanding’ in the Camebrigde dictionary.

Do we understand each other?

Many of the inquiries we receive in our office are riddled with requirements and boundary constraints. These are frequently included in the inquiry’s text and enlarged with numerous appendices. One or more appendices containing more than 300 (!) pages is not an exception. It takes a lot of effort to generate these documents, and it’s even more difficult to comprehend exactly what the client wants. There may be haziness and debate. Because of meetings, mail, and other distractions, time is lost during the contract process (after the tender).

Getting paid for your work!

How can your inquiry be understood, without an uneven division of workload? We created a way with the Pointer application that forces us to focus on the facts at the start of the project. The application only focuses on the contract and project management devil’s triangle of time, quality, and money. The effect of working with Pointer is increased revenue, higher profit margins and less administration.

A demo is free!

Are you interested? Plan an online demonstration and we’ll show you why you need to switch from your existing strategy to working with the application Pointer right away.