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“The doorbell rings”: “Good evening, do you have some spare money for the cancer fund?” This inquiry is being posed to you by a pleasant lady. You are active with the cancer fund and contribute generously. “But wasn’t this the week’s third collector?” Charity and decision-making: incredibly difficult!

49% CO2 emission reduction

49 percent CO2 emission reduction and 50 percent less raw materials in 2030 and 95 percent emission reduction and a 100 percent circular economy in 2050, appear to be unattainable goals, especially in your current job function. How do you apply these policy objectives in your day-to-day work?

Create impact with SDG’s

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were developed to help you answer this question. Sustainable development can be translated into project goals through 17 main goals and 169 sub-goals.

17 main goals and 169 sub-goals.

“169 sub-goals?” you wonder. That’s a lot to keep track of within a project. Pointer’s developers incorporated all of the goals within the software, allowing for easy management of the SDGs within projects. With Pointer, you can quickly demonstrate how your project contributes to the SDGs. This can be used to get ahead of the competition in future tenders.

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We will explain how you can measure the impact on the SDG’s for your project.