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A practical example on how Pointer can lead to 28% more quality, and minimization of administration.

Less planning, more clarity

Which would you prefer in your asphalt maintenance project: more administration and communication or better quality? For his asphalt project, a municipality and contractor in the North of the Netherlands decided to use the application Pointer. The inquiry specification for this project (UAV GC) stated that progress reports should be written frequently.

Less administrative hassles

The project required four years of maintenance with an annual expense of € 265.000.

Annual plans were created individually using the Pointer application. Furthermore, decisions were made to only disclose deviations that have an impact on time, money, or quality. The consequences? Less administrative work for the contractor.

Peace in the project

Every person who can access the application Pointer has access to all essential information at all times. Because of the extreme transparency, fewer emails were sent. The fact that everyone gets an email once a week will bring a lot of peace to the project.

More quality for less money

Using the application Pointer leads to less administrative work for the contractor. The client has reason to inquire if the contractor can perform any further work on the project.

The cost decline resulted in an additional €300.000 extra asphalt! The end result? A greater road quality than was originally agreed upon.

A demo is free!

Do you also want to focus more on the content of your projects instead of the administrative work? Try the application Pointer for your next project!