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Communication is about smart and dominant communication. In this context, dominant does not mean aggressive, but differentiating.

Dominant communication

Dominant communication is done by measurements, numbers and facts only on the moments that matter. The majority of project management software focuses on event documentation and communication. This leads in general to more communication, confusion and stress.

To the test

A recent survey of 50 project managers yielded a small sample of 50 respondents. Both clients and contractors are included in this sample.

According to the results of this survey, 57 percent of respondents manage between one and ten projects every year.

The majority of respondents said they spend four hours each week reporting project deviations. Furthermore, nearly 30 percent spent two each week on reporting deviations, according to the respondents. There is a lot to be gained in this field.


Assume we planned to meet at noon at Amsterdam Central Station, and I miss the train… Even if I take a later train, I will arrive on time. Is it necessary for me to tell you that I missed the train? And who is accountable for the late train if I do the above?

Reporting deviations

True dominating communication should focus on reporting deviations that affect time, money, and quality. A concept plan, milestones, and concrete key performance indicators are required to accomplish this.

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